Enterprise-class MySQL database in the cloud.

RevDB offers an autoscaling, fully managed MySQL database in the cloud.

RevDB is...

Transparently automated

We offer full transparency on operational and cost metrics. Automation should not happen in a black box. 


Your database grows with your needs, and shrinks when appropriate, with costs in mind.

Fully managed

Fully managed means fully managed – your database runs without any intervention from your side. 


Your data is fully isolated  in your own cloud environment, and all patches and updates are happening without your intervention. 

An effective solution to extend the abilities of your SRE or DBA team.

RevDB’s managed MySQL is a complete drop in replacement for having your own DBA team or can relieve an existing team of the daily operational tasks.

Having RevDB take care of your database infrastructure enables your DBAs to return to support your engineers. On top of that, we provide tooling and monitoring to understand the queries and server performance, compare releases to one another, and other tools to potentially enable your team to focus on what matters.

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