Aleksandr Kuzminsky

Aleks is a seasoned engineer who has worked with Internet companies to run their databases since the last century.
He believes that the database infrastructure has to be a reliable partner supporting the users creative ideas. He tolerates no downtime, no toil and no poor performance.
He has already helped Dropbox, and Box to effectively run MySQL at scale of tens of thousands instances. He was an early Percona employee where he became known as the data recovery expert and authored an open-source data recovery toolkit.
His recent areas of expertise include Terraform, Python development, and automation.

Istvan Podor

Istvan’s experience goes back to nearly 20 years. It’s been that long since he has operated his first internet service with friends, serving some less than 1000 users at the age of 15. By the time Istvan turned 21, he was operating the MySQL backend processing payments, for a website that was in the top 20 most visited sites in the world. Istvan joined Percona a few years later where he learned the depths of MySQL and database performance. Not long after, he was recruited by Facebook to operate the ever growing database infrastructure and learn about the biggest challenges in scaling stateful services and how to solve them.

Tamas Kozak

Tamas has over 15 years of experience in database engineering, system integration and software application development. Before joining RevDB, Tamas was a consultant for a european financial institution helping them build and certify their new IT architecture and lending platform. Before working as a full time consultant he was a database engineer and later an IT director at Percona, leading a team of talented engineers of a fast growing database company. Prior to Percona, Tamas developed payment processing and invoicing applications for one ofthe world’s most visited streaming content provider. His recent areas of interest include cloud native solutions, Python development and automation.

Peter Farkas

Peter’s main area of expertise is service delivery, having 15 years of experience in leading and managing distributed teams of top-tier database and Big Data engineers at Percona and Cloudera. During his time at Percona, he built the global Percona Database Support team from the ground up, which became a reference point among similar providers in terms of service quality and excellence.
Before becoming a co-founder of RevDB, Peter managed technical support at Cloudera, providing big data support services to the largest and most demanding Enterprise customers,including Financial institutions, leading healthcare providers, and US government agencies.
Peter holds a Master’s degree in Management from the University of Buckingham, and is currently studying various management modules at Cornell University.