Why manage GitHub with Terraform

We established already that Infrastructure as Code is the right way to manage the databases at scale. That means, you have to deal with a lot of code. There will be different kind of software: Terraform modules, and live repositories,

Testing Terraform

In this post I’d like to talk about testing Terraform. It will be about general principles, methodology, and give practical examples of tools and workflows that we actually use for our database solutions. I wrote before about great potential of

terraform mysql rds
How to set up MySQL RDS with Terraform

Goal of this guide In this how to guide we will go through the basics of setting up MySQL RDS with Terraform. To do this, the minimum we have to do is: Create a network (VPC) Create a security group

How to backup and restore chef server

What do we need chef backup and restore for In my last blog post, that you can find here, I wrote about how to build a Chef server. The post uses Terraform and a git repository. That means, whenever you

How to deploy chef server

Overview of the content Our very own Aleks Kuzminsky, have blogged about the next set of challenges we face in the MySQL World. Getting our hands dirty, the first step is to have a solid and reliable way to manage

Next big problem of MySQL

It was discussed many times before on many forums. The databases grow in number of instances, in size, in variety of flavors and in number of places where they run. They also get more expensive to run. Let’s review each


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