Our public modules

RevDB Bastion

RevDB Bastion Terraform module is a complex, but easy to use method to bring up a jumpbox. By default it supports setting up hostnames for the bastion hosts, configuring access to secrets, parameters, RO/RW access to S3 buckets and more.

Source code is available on Github and the Terraform module is available on Terraform Registry.


RevDB DNS is a simple and tiny Terraform module that allows you an easy and simple way to manage all zones and records from a single place. Makes it very easy to combine with other resources such as EC2 instances.

Source code is available on Github, Terraform module is available on Terraform Registry and you can find an example use cases on our blog.

Terraform CI

Terraform CI is a powerful tool to combine Travis and Terraform. It enables and provides an outstanding amount of features, including the dynamic terraform variable management, multiple providers and assume roles.

Find the source on Github https://github.com/revenants-cie/terraform-ci

Terraform Cookiecutter

This module is a simple Cookiecutter slug for creating Terraform default repositories.

Find the source on Github https://github.com/revenants-cie/cookiecutter-terraform

Chef Server Cookbook

Our Chef Server coobook repository contains a chef-solo setup to bring up a chef server. You can find the source code on our github and an example of how to use it on our blog.