Ad-hoc consulting for MySQL and MySQL Infrastructure related topics, that includes, but not limited t:

  • Bootstrap your MySQL infrastructure
  • Terraform and infrastructure as code
  • Chef server and fleet management
  • MySQL, Orchestrator and ProxySQL components
  • Architecting and auditing current installations
  • Any and all our open source tools


Our support package is for companies, operating MySQL, Proxysql or Orchestrator and use or wishes to use Infrastructure as code. Whether you need someone always available or need constant support, we are there for you. Through our support, we will deploy and automate as much of your infrastructure as we can, monitor services, handle alerts and be available to requests.

Site Reliability, DevOps and DBA team for hire

By far, the most competitive and a completely unique package. With RevDB Remote SRE DBA Team package, it would be like hiring your own team. We will design and build your infrastructure up, deploy infrastructure as code, apply security patches, monitor and resolve any issues with your services, participate in planning and all that you can wish for.

The RevDB Stack

With having Remote DBA Team, you will also get access to the RevDB Stack.

  • RevDB Stack runs on your own cloud account, the data stays with you
  • Covers 100% monitoring, alerting and alert handling, with RevDB being oncall 24/7
  • Linux installation and setup, including security patches, kernel upgrades
  • Secure Jumpbox management, dedicated for our access only
  • Schema and MySQL User management
  • Install, configure and operate MySQL Clusters
  • Configure Orchestrator and automated failure detection and handling
  • Configure and operate ProxySQL to create a zero downtime environment
  • Backups and point in time recovery capabilities.